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Cloth Nappies ROCK!

Well those of my regular ūüôā followers may have noticed that since my enthusiastic start I have been sadly absent… horribly I have had mastitis which completely knocked me sideways, although I am still feeding (obvs!) ¬†I am an enthusiastic user of cloth nappies and feel I should do something to celebrate Real Nappy Week – so decided on a photo diary as it is a little bit low maintenance!

Presenting, A Day in the life of a Cloth Bum BabBee:

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I actually don’t have a bee in my bonnet about this as I totally get why people don’t use cloth nappies BUT

– they don’t smell,¬†you don’t get poo in your washing machine,¬†they look super cute ¬†AND you might save money if you don’t get carried away with the pretty pattterns

So why not give them a try to celebrate Real Nappy Week 13

Which parenting expert is right?

There’s a lot of parenting ideas out there… a lot. ¬†It’s all a little over whelming and when you want to help/ improve/ change something it can be both¬†useful and confusing…

There’s Gina with her strict routines – I can’t bear the idea of CIO (more another day) but actually the idea of keeping naps dark and at a similar sort of time seems to help. ¬†The babywhisperer Tracy apparently makes it EASY but the 2 days I spent trying to follow her structure was possibly the most stressful so far! ¬†However I generally don’t feed to sleep now and I learnt that from Tracy. ¬†Attachment parenting gave me some lovely positive thoughts, promoting breastfeeding and togetherness. ¬†But we don’t co-sleep and it isn’t something that would suit our family.

And these are just the most well known – there’s many many more. Some mummies just follow their instincts but I would suggest they are the minority, most are either led by books or family – and therefore often outdated advice.

Does it matter?  Does any parenting philosophy actually affect how our babies grow up?  Can anyone prove this?  I have read numerous books and I;m not sure.  I am convinced of the benefits of breastfeeding and will not be deterred from that.  I love carrying BabBee in the sling and keeping him close Рalthough secretly I want him to nap in his cot more.  Cloth nappies are firmly ingrained into our lives and I am eagerly awaiting Real Nappy Week from 15th -21st April.  I feel a bit guilty about the lack of co-sleeping (except for the first couple of weeks) as if I am letting BabBee down.

The bit that gets me is how often mothers do things as it’s “best for their baby” when really it is best for them. Perhaps if we were all a little more honest with ourselves the path would become clearer?

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