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When I grow up I wanna be a…

Just little thought – what do you wish for your BabBee when they grow up?  The stock answer is happy and healthy, but if I am honest I know I want more than that…  

I want BabBee to be reasonably intelligent, bright enough to get decent grades at school and capable of going to university.  I want him to be good looking enough to make friends easily, and girlfriends when he is old enough.  I want him to be good at sport and be able to play on a team or two. I also want him to be good fun – for family occasions and going out…

I know I want a lot, but I want it because I want him to have as many options open to him as possible.  I know how harsh schools can be.  I know how harsh society can be.  I also know I will always love him, however he turns out.

My life measured in biscuits…

My life has changed.  Fact.  It is now a whirlwind of baby classes , drinking tea and eating cakes! But, and here lies the big question, why do I care so much about the biscuits?

So far we have:

Sure start breastfeeding group, free, excellent support, no biscuits (I forgive them!)

Baby Yoga, £7, nice but not much yoga, 1 strictly rationed biscuit

Baby Sensory, £5, pretty budget but BabBee seems to like it, no biscuit

Baby Sign, £7 , very enthusiastic, unlimited biscuits

Cloth nappy meet, donation, not much happening, 1 biscuit

La Leche meeting, £2, good chat, 1/2 biscuits

I’m sure I didn’t care before, I’m sure the quality of my interactions with people was not measured by the number of biscuits they provide. For some reason, no biscuit is more acceptable to be than one.   The fact is, it is nowadays biscuit matter and if Baby Yoga don’t get some decent chocolate biscuits soon, I quit 🙂

In memory of Matilda Mae and The Lullaby Trust


As a new blogger I have just come across the renamed Lullaby Trust, formerly FSID. From their site:

We have chosen our new identity to help us raise our voice, to ensure that sudden infant death is not ignored or considered to be an issue of the past.

Across the country, over 600 apparently healthy babies continue to die suddenly and unexpectedly every year. This is unacceptable and we want to do all we can to prevent these deaths.

We believe that our new identity will help us to reach even more parents with our expert advice on safer sleep for babies.  Through greater engagement with families and also with policy makers we hope to achieve our ambition to halve the number of babies dying by 2020.

Jennie, mother of Matilda Mae  is helping them raise awareness and asking us to share our own bedtime routine. We have a bath, massage, feed a sleepytime – with a Mozart lullaby playing in the background throughout. The power of music is incredible  hearing that tune any time of day also makes me feel sleepy!

For Jennie, Matilda Mae and The Lullaby Trust


Another day – another blog… another blogger – another opinion…

And I’m arriving in this new world, with too many beeeee’s in my bonnet! I’m a recent mum but have always been far too opinionated – and I think my husband has finally had an overflow of all my ranting – so I am moving to a new place to give my opinions (of which there are many).  And rant.  And maybe have some decent discussions.  And possibly even pick up the odd follower – although I won’t hold my breath too much!

Part of my problem is lots of people irritate me – either by being uninformed, uninterested or uneducated.  Or just plain ignorant.  So I can’t really tell anyone about my blog as most people will be featuring (or at least things they do and say) at some point – and I like to (at least appear to be) more tolerant.  There’s going to be me, one (of three) sisters SibBee and the husband, DaaBee.  And to everyone one else we will remain anonymous.

So welcome to my blog.  It’s the start of my blogging journey and currently all my opinions revolve around this mummy world I find myself in after the arrival of BabBee.  I am sure many people will disagree with those beeeees buzzing around in my bonnet but I would love to know about it.

Bee x

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