Another day – another blog… another blogger – another opinion…

And I’m arriving in this new world, with too many beeeee’s in my bonnet! Attachment parenting? Unconditional parenting? Co-sleeping… babywearing… breastfeeding… are all new ideas that have recently entered my stratosphere and seem to garner great opinion – and BabBee is only 3 months old, god knows ow much worse it’s going to get!

Part of my problem is lots of people irritate me – either by being uninformed, uninterested or uneducated.  Or just plain ignorant.  So I can’t really tell anyone about my blog as most people will be featuring (or at least things they do and say) at some point – and I like to (at least appear to be) more tolerant.  There’s going to be me, one (of three) sisters SibBee and the husband, DaaBee.  And to everyone one else we will remain anonymous.

So welcome to my blog.  It’s the start of my blogging journey and currently all my opinions revolve around this mummy world I find myself in after the arrival of BabBee.  I am sure many people will disagree with those beeeees buzzing around in my bonnet but I would love to know about it.

Bee x

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