Health Visitors… aaaaaaargh….

Seriously the level of conflicting, or just plain wrong, advice out there is appalling…

Two gems from a trained professional health visitor today at a weaning workshop for 6 month olds:

1) Add juice to their beaker to encourage them to drink water.

2) Try giving them marmite on toast for extra flavour.

Extra sugar and extra salt at 6 months. Shocking.

That is all.

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3 responses to “Health Visitors… aaaaaaargh….”

  1. beenough says :

    Interesting post… my brain was stretched contemplating it.

    Why a weaning workshop for 6 month olds? I am shocked that they are ‘training’ parents to wean at such a young age. What happens at 6 months?

    • beeeeeinmybonnet says :

      By weaning I mean introducing solid food, as well as milk. We were actually invitied to attend a workshop when BabBee was 12 weeks old – I declined to attend til now! x

  2. judithkingston says :

    Shocking!! Adding juice doesn’t encourage them to drink water, it encourages them to drink juice! We were advised by a doctor to give my son lots of juice when he had croup and wasn’t eating, and he has refused to drink anything else since. Health Visitors make me angry. I am very tempted to regurgitate my latest rant on them in its entirety in your comments but I’ll just give you the link to my post about them instead: Grrrrrr…

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