The changing face of Motherhood

I have always been quite a straightforward person, some might say harsh.  People say things like “at least when I ask you I get an honest answer”… which I know is a back handed statement about my inability to put up with idiots.  But since having BabBee opinions appear to have changed and I was recently described as an Earth Mother.  DaBee laughed his head off at that (and said I was as much of an Earth Mother as Hitler!) but it got me thinking about how having children changes you…. hmm…

I knew that after having BabBee I “would change” as 46,000 people had told me this, but how far does it go?  Now I am very pro breastfeeding, baby wearing, baby calm and use cloth nappies – that’s all pretty Earth Mother.  I walk most places – I was definitely too busy (and too lazy!) before.  But most of this is down to the gift of time on maternity leave, not the new “spiritual” connection I have made with the world.  I still get annoyed with people but knowing how small the mummy circuit is I think it is wise not to piss people off, and therefore try harder to be diplomatic.  What I would really like is for my non-baby and my baby friends to fill out a questionnaire but lets be honest this is all getting a little self obsessed…  I think I am supposed to be obsessed with my baby – mot the inner workings of my own mind!!

I guess the ultimate change is all that love you have for the new little person in your life and no one can doubt or deny that.  I guess the impact of the Bigger Change will emerge later – does anyone feel they have been intrinsically changed by the occasion of birth… I am interested?!

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10 responses to “The changing face of Motherhood”

  1. The Mummy Scripts says :

    Of course it changes you! How could it not?! Even if it’s not transparent right away, the change is there, life is never the same again x

    • beeeeeinmybonnet says :

      Indeed – I just don’t think I realised the extent! I used to feel sorry for parents having to go off and bath / bed their babies – now I love it!!

  2. Marija Smits says :

    Becoming a mother is undeniably a life-changing experience.

    This is an extract from a guest blog post I wrote a while ago:

    “Conceiving a child, bearing a child: this is the first part of a unique initiatory step in a woman’s life. In giving birth to a child, breastfeeding and caring for the child this initiatory process is continued. The woman has gone from not-mother to mother, and her life will never be the same again…

    Society urges new mothers ‘to get their lives back’; to get back to their pre-baby body shape, to go back to paid employment, to return to socializing, housekeeping, lovemaking… all manner of returns. Some mothers may be happy with some of these ‘returns’ but for many they no longer give the kind of satisfaction they once did. Yet the path ahead may seem unclear too; the future full of parental responsibility and mundane chores, with no time or space to think, to rest, to retain a portion of ‘self’.”

    I wrote the above piece for the wonderful Lisa Hassan Scott whose writing is excellent. Do stop by to look at her posts, I think you may find them to your liking 🙂

    The book ‘Musings on Mothering’ is also one pretty big exploration of motherhood!

    Best wishes x

  3. KristaOwl says :

    I love this Bee, it’s so true. Giving birth was probably the thing that changed me most – I had no confidence in myself before then and now I know I can make a person! And all the things that you mention have made me into a bit of an earth mother too, but we’re just following our instincts aren’t we?! It’s a shame not everyone, especially baby-less people, understands it. Xx

    • beeeeeinmybonnet says :

      Good points, but I think the amazing bit is the number of people with babies who don’t really seem to get it either! Makes me look hippy, not just normal!

  4. lightgreenmom says :

    Indeed it changes you. I would like to say in most occasions it has made me a better person and definately more conscience of my world and the way I live it.

  5. pollyreed says :

    I always think its less that I’m an earth mother and more that eveRyone else is swayed by commercialism and blinded by formula companies. I’m just normal!

    • beeeeeinmybonnet says :

      I totally agree, but don’t get why others don’t! DaBee had a discussion with colleague today as his baby is on formula and is under 2 weeks old – the excuse is mastitis but having had it twice now I would seriously question their priorities, luckily DaBee didn’t have an argument but he is getting as opinionated as me!

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