Magic Moment #1

Well I came across this while blog hopping and love the idea.  It also fits in beautifully with my focus for  week… naps…

Yesterday DaBee put BabBee down for his after lunch nap.  Predictably after 40 minutes BabBee woke up with one sharp squeal of pain and then some moaning.  DaBee rushed up to him (after checking with me first!) and shushed and patted him a little… then came back down and said “Lets give it five minutes” as BabBee gave another little wail.  After a couple of minutes I crept back upstairs to find…

BabBee Asleep.  In his standard starfish position.

That’s the first time he has gone back to sleep on his own after a nap.

It was definitely a Magic Moment 🙂

magic moments 150x150

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5 responses to “Magic Moment #1”

  1. Sarah MumofThree World says :

    Hooray! That’s brilliant, a real milestone and magic moment. Onwards and upwards!

  2. Nichola fabfortymum says :

    That is a magic moment indeed. I bet you are very proud of him x

  3. Jaime Oliver says :

    awww what a fab #magicmoment! i love it! thanks for linking up with #magicmoments

  4. The Mummy Scripts says :

    Isn’t it wonderful when they surprise you with these little moments! Well done BabBee! xx

  5. beeeeeinmybonnet says :

    Thanks everyone – it was a real shocker… and has since gone downhill!!! 🙂

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