When I grow up I wanna be a…

Just little thought – what do you wish for your BabBee when they grow up?  The stock answer is happy and healthy, but if I am honest I know I want more than that…  

I want BabBee to be reasonably intelligent, bright enough to get decent grades at school and capable of going to university.  I want him to be good looking enough to make friends easily, and girlfriends when he is old enough.  I want him to be good at sport and be able to play on a team or two. I also want him to be good fun – for family occasions and going out…

I know I want a lot, but I want it because I want him to have as many options open to him as possible.  I know how harsh schools can be.  I know how harsh society can be.  I also know I will always love him, however he turns out.

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10 responses to “When I grow up I wanna be a…”

  1. rebeccaannemarshall says :

    This is a great question! I would say yes to the happy and healthy as a generic answer but I am with you on the wanting more. I hope for my girls to be confident above all else. I agree with you when you say school can be hard, society also, especially when it comes to the breaking down self esteem. I want my girls to learn the art of true confidence, so that no matter what they go through, particularly in their teen years (girls I tell you, they are MEAN sometimes), they will always feel confident enough in themselves that they will never have to go a moment were they feel “not good enough”.
    ….. also sort of hope they grow up to be smart successful and rich… what?

  2. fireflyphil says :

    That… is a mother’s love. I think each day about the wonderful mum I had!

  3. Nichola fabfortymum says :

    I do want the sun, moon and stars for my two. I really want them to have good true friends, good grades, good job prospects, travel the world (safely), have enough money to never worry. I think my list is endless lol. x

  4. lightgreenmom says :

    If I had to narrow my list, I want my daughter to grow up a strong, confident, empowered woman. To know that she can do anything.
    I also secretly want her to be funny. Because nothing is better than having a funny kid around.

  5. Actually Mummy says :

    I want all that for my kids too, and some music along the way as well. Though my older brother cautioned me not to expect anything of my kids because they alone will decide what they’re going to be, and I just have to help them be it. I’m quickly finding that this is the case as mine get older, and actually, I love that they have their own passions that are nothing to do with mine

    • beeeeeinmybonnet says :

      I can’t imagine them having alternative passions and ideas – guess that is called growing up! At the moment BabBee is such a little part of me, I look forward to him becoming his own little self in the toddler world! Bee x

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