Weaning… already?

Hmm weaning – a common area of discussion, argument and opinion – yet I must confess that I don’t know very much about it and people are irritating me already…

BabBee is 17 weeks and therefore technically old enough to wean… are people insane?  He is pretty advanced at holding up his head (even if I do say so myself) but shows no inclination to sit independently and every time I have tried he flops sideways like a bag of potatoes.  He has on occasion shown interest and  grabbed towards a piece of food, but he has also grabbed towards the TV remote… I can’t imagine BabBee would any clue what to do if I thrust food in his mouth and is certainly not missing out by not having any.

What about the other “reason” people give to wean?  Correct me if I am wrong but there are far more calories in breastmilk than half a pureed carrot. BabBee is exclusively breastfed, on the 91st centile and currently wakes once a night (fingers crossed!) he doesn’t appear starving to me? And when he is hungrier I feed him more in the day.  No problem.  And that’s what research tells me to do.

Incidently, he’s interested in the washing machine – is it time for him to do his own laundry?


10 responses to “Weaning… already?”

  1. eeveland says :

    I nursed both of my kiddos until they were 13 and 12 months, respectively. My son weaned himself earlier than I would have liked. It was one of the most important things to me as a new mother. Both of my children started on solids when they were 4-6 months and continued to nurse. Both are happy and healthy!

  2. Nichola fabfortymum says :

    Both of mine didn’t start weaning until they were almost 6 months. The eldest could probably have been “persuaded” earlier, but I followed her lead, I let her tell me that she was ready. The youngest weaned herself too, but again she was almost 6 months before she was remotely interested and even then she hated purees, she wanted food in her hand. They are both tall, healthy energetic girls who have never been fussy eaters.
    I’m a great believer in following your babies lead and not just caving in because they have a hungry day.

    • beeeeeinmybonnet says :

      I totally agree with this, babies know what they need. I hate to see mothers trying to shove puree in while the baby frantically turns their head away, 😦 Bee x

  3. rebeccaannemarshall says :

    There is a ridiculous amount of opinion and advice about when you “should” start weaning, I think the general consensus of most parents though (I hope?) is to start when you feel baby is ready. I didn’t start weaning my first until she was 6 months, my second was nearing 7 months (she didn’t really have much interest in it even then until we decided to give it a try and then she was all about the food!) and my third was early to it… or at least early for me, at about 5 months old. All babies are different, I think it is really a matter of if you feel they are ready or not. I always tried my best to not get caught up in all the millions of different “recommendations” and just followed my girls lead 🙂 sounds like your little one is doing great! At 17 weeks I wouldn’t be in a hurry to be too concerned about it anyway, pay no never mind to what other people say you “should” be doing.

    • beeeeeinmybonnet says :

      Yep as above, totally agree, good to follow their lead and try and time it right. I am so opinionated at the moment – I bet by the time I get to number 3 I’ll be a little more chilled out! Bee x

  4. Actually Mummy says :

    Ha, I like your last point 😉

  5. The Mummy Scripts says :

    Ahhhh, another one of those checklist points to tick off. Every one in their own time I say. There shouldn’t be a “should do x by this age” pressure hanging over us.

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