My life measured in biscuits…

My life has changed.  Fact.  It is now a whirlwind of baby classes , drinking tea and eating cakes! But, and here lies the big question, why do I care so much about the biscuits?

So far we have:

Sure start breastfeeding group, free, excellent support, no biscuits (I forgive them!)

Baby Yoga, £7, nice but not much yoga, 1 strictly rationed biscuit

Baby Sensory, £5, pretty budget but BabBee seems to like it, no biscuit

Baby Sign, £7 , very enthusiastic, unlimited biscuits

Cloth nappy meet, donation, not much happening, 1 biscuit

La Leche meeting, £2, good chat, 1/2 biscuits

I’m sure I didn’t care before, I’m sure the quality of my interactions with people was not measured by the number of biscuits they provide. For some reason, no biscuit is more acceptable to be than one.   The fact is, it is nowadays biscuit matter and if Baby Yoga don’t get some decent chocolate biscuits soon, I quit 🙂

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7 responses to “My life measured in biscuits…”

  1. mummywhisperer says :

    I used to go to a toddler group for 50p and get as many biscuits as we liked!
    Mind you I’m off biscuits at the moment ;o)

  2. Wabby34 says :

    I must suggest buscuits at my baby yoga group. I even contemplated quitting a music related baby group (won’t name names) because it bored me slightly. I totoally forgot that I was there for my baby’s development, who loved it and not mine!

  3. beeeeeinmybonnet says :

    ooo unlimited biscuits for 50p, let me at them!
    And wabby, I love that you “forgot” your purpose of being there – lets be honest, the groups need to entertain us too!

  4. Marija Smits says :

    I remember this time well… going to mother and baby groups and stocking up on biscuits (which we never have at home). And of course what’s great is that breastfeeding just burns calories so the biscuits really don’t count 😉

  5. anonymouse says :

    This post has got me all over the place. I measure happiness in cake, and am usually disappointed to “just” be offered biscuits. But yesterday I gamely enjoyed 2 chocolate digestives and gave the mouselet a custard cream. And we thought of you.

  6. Actually Mummy... says :

    Ooooh good for you! I seem to have progressed from biscuits to wine. A meeting without wine will see me fidgeting…
    This is going on Britmums Newbie Tuesday today, hope that’s ok x

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