Sleepytime? Babies NEED naps!

Well I have been pretty MIA – and I apologise.  The combination of a fairly severe bout of mastitis plus getting obsessed with the clothopoly anagram has meant that this blog is dying out before it has even begun… I hereby publicly declare I will write a new post every day this week (you can call me on that!)

And I will start the week with something that has been bothering me a long time – Sleep and specifically naps.  I will put a tiny tiny little side step in, there may be a miniscule percentage of babies who can get by on little or no naps and remain chirpy and cheerful but basically Babies Need Naps.  FactFact.  Fact.

So why do lots of parents not get this?  Why do I hear “only she only sleeps 20 minutes in the morning and that’s it all day” yet observe an obviously grouchy baby.  Or see a baby crying and squirming in his mothers arms while she dangles a toy in front of him.  Or watch babies being forced to participate in (useless*) baby classes whilst upset and hitting their face.  Or notice a baby being passed around a group of people and as the baby looks away the holder tries to get their attention with smiles and coos. And on and on… and on…  As ever, none of these mothers are intentionally being unloving they just don’t seem to get it… Babies Need Naps.

I don’t know who I blame but not really mothers (although some could do with educating themselves a little more).   It just seems to be an unintentional conspiracy of mothers assuring each other it’s ok when actually, it’s not.  Babies need sleep to grow and develop, the more they nap in the day the better they sleep at night, and actually babies that sleep are happier.  Better naps would mean less overstimulated babies and therefore less colic.  Babies need naps.

I guess the next conundrum is how to facilitate this blessed sleep, but at least if mothers were trying that would be a massive step forward.  Babies need our help and there are many experts offering their opinions although I am definitely on the gentle side of the equation (more another day).  And i like the first half of this article about over tiredness, they should give it out at the hospital! Please please help your babies nap and we would all be happier parents.


(*Incidentally I love baby classes.  I go everyday. I just accept that under 6 months they are really for the mother and let the poor baby sleep if they need to x)

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8 responses to “Sleepytime? Babies NEED naps!”

  1. The Mummy Scripts says :

    I hear you. Nothing worse than cranky upset babies from lack of sleep. I can’t imagine why any mother would want or encourage that. Looking forward to your daily posts… I’ll be watching!! x

  2. KristaOwl says :

    Oh so true – doesn’t everyone always just coo and poke at a baby’s face when he’s clearly needing to sleep and therefore not needing more stimulation?! I’m sure I was guilty of this before having a baby so maybe this is my punishment! 😉

    • beeeeeinmybonnet says :

      I know, I do wonder whether I have previously irritated mothers with all the “ooo can I have a hold?” However I guess it is also up to the mothers to take the baby away from stimulation, hmm, conundrum! Bee x

  3. judithkingston says :

    I so agree! I wonder if the cause is a one-up-manship in being a victim, the ‘I am more tired than you’ competition? Another possible cause is perhaps anti-routine-ism? Who knows! With my first I did Gina Ford and he napped very well, with my second I am roughly following a GFish pattern but from the beginning I just watched for signs that she was sleepy. If she started rubbing her eyes or yawning I’d put her in bed. They need sleep!

    • beeeeeinmybonnet says :

      Definitely the I’m more tired than you, a “game” I also seem to play with my husband! I am also begining to see that they need a bit more structure as they get older and will therefore have to adapt to BabBee a little bit to make sure he gets his naps, Bee x

  4. emilytealady says :

    it took me a while to realise I had to help bubba to sleep but as soon as I did she started napping more and for longer. I just wrap her up in a blanket, rock and sing to her. Now I can really tell when she needs a nap and as soon as I wrap her up she starts to settle x

    • beeeeeinmybonnet says :

      I know it is sometimes difficult to realise they need our help. I am currently trying to teach BabBee to sleep alone- it is going OK but expect an update later in the week!! Bee x

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