Why do some people have children?

I have been affected by reading lots of lovely mummy posts recently and have actually been more positive than usual! However, a reply by Gemma to my post on parenting experts got me thinking about a major bee, why DO some people have children?  I’m not even thinking of the Michael Philpot and Jeremy Kyle esque characters but more those women you meet every day and wonder.

Take a “friend” of mine, Maggot. Maggot has apparently been trying for children for years and recently got pregnant after the doctor told her she needed to have sex more.  You’d have thought in the preceding few years she’d have realised, but hey. Since having her daughter she has shown a spectacular lack of interest in a very very slow weight gain, and instead concerns herself with what outfit to dress her in that day. WTF?

Or Worm.  Worm was the biggest hypochondriac going throughout her pregnancy and didn’t we hear about it.  Worm’s daughter had an unknown rash across her face the other day but Worm brought her to the baby group anyway.  It was chicken pox.  WTF?

Or Slug.  Slug states she wants to do the best for her son  She wants to “help him” Slug gives her 12 week baby to her MIL for 4/5 hours at least twice a week.  I am also pretty sure she lets him CIO. WTF?

Or finally Beetle.  Beetle is a pretty loving mother overall and shows concern for her son regularly.  However Beetle appears to have absolutely no knowledge of baby sleep therefore her son barely naps.  He is constantly looking exhausted and whinging, often escalating further up the crying scale.  Beetle never encourages him to sleep (despite gentle pointing out that might be the problem) and always faces him to the world “engaging” him.  WTF?!?

OK none of these are life threatening (except potentially that rash) but some mothers don’t seem to have a clue, or just don’t seem to care.  They are only tiny babies for such a short time, surely it is our duty to do a little reading / discussing and apply this in bringing them up in as loving environment as possible.  I am fully into baby led parenting but some basic idea of regular feeding and sleeping is pretty essential so you know what your baby is leading you to do?

It bugs me, fact.  To be honest i just want to say, get a grip and look after your baby properly.  Stop making those bees buzz in my bonnet.


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5 responses to “Why do some people have children?”

  1. rebeccaannemarshall says :

    Love loved this post by the way! And I also came by to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster award which is an award given by bloggers to new bloggers you are still building an audience. If you would like to see your nomination you can go have a peek at my post! I really hope you accept 🙂 I feel like your response post would be very entertaining!

  2. Donna@MummyCentral says :

    I reckon some people have kids because they think it’s the done thing. They imagine their lives won’t be complete without offspring. The work that comes with children is either unwelcome or a total mystery to them. We don’t all have to be Mary freakin’ Poppins but a bit of care and common sense goes a long way. Great post x

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