In memory of Matilda Mae and The Lullaby Trust


As a new blogger I have just come across the renamed Lullaby Trust, formerly FSID. From their site:

We have chosen our new identity to help us raise our voice, to ensure that sudden infant death is not ignored or considered to be an issue of the past.

Across the country, over 600 apparently healthy babies continue to die suddenly and unexpectedly every year. This is unacceptable and we want to do all we can to prevent these deaths.

We believe that our new identity will help us to reach even more parents with our expert advice on safer sleep for babies.  Through greater engagement with families and also with policy makers we hope to achieve our ambition to halve the number of babies dying by 2020.

Jennie, mother of Matilda Mae  is helping them raise awareness and asking us to share our own bedtime routine. We have a bath, massage, feed a sleepytime – with a Mozart lullaby playing in the background throughout. The power of music is incredible  hearing that tune any time of day also makes me feel sleepy!

For Jennie, Matilda Mae and The Lullaby Trust

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3 responses to “In memory of Matilda Mae and The Lullaby Trust”

  1. Actually Mummy says :

    I’m so inspired and amazed by Jennie and her ability to channel her grief. This is such an important cause.

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