Which parenting expert is right?

There’s a lot of parenting ideas out there… a lot.  It’s all a little over whelming and when you want to help/ improve/ change something it can be both useful and confusing…

There’s Gina with her strict routines – I can’t bear the idea of CIO (more another day) but actually the idea of keeping naps dark and at a similar sort of time seems to help.  The babywhisperer Tracy apparently makes it EASY but the 2 days I spent trying to follow her structure was possibly the most stressful so far!  However I generally don’t feed to sleep now and I learnt that from Tracy.  Attachment parenting gave me some lovely positive thoughts, promoting breastfeeding and togetherness.  But we don’t co-sleep and it isn’t something that would suit our family.

And these are just the most well known – there’s many many more. Some mummies just follow their instincts but I would suggest they are the minority, most are either led by books or family – and therefore often outdated advice.

Does it matter?  Does any parenting philosophy actually affect how our babies grow up?  Can anyone prove this?  I have read numerous books and I;m not sure.  I am convinced of the benefits of breastfeeding and will not be deterred from that.  I love carrying BabBee in the sling and keeping him close – although secretly I want him to nap in his cot more.  Cloth nappies are firmly ingrained into our lives and I am eagerly awaiting Real Nappy Week from 15th -21st April.  I feel a bit guilty about the lack of co-sleeping (except for the first couple of weeks) as if I am letting BabBee down.

The bit that gets me is how often mothers do things as it’s “best for their baby” when really it is best for them. Perhaps if we were all a little more honest with ourselves the path would become clearer?


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7 responses to “Which parenting expert is right?”

  1. helloitsgemma says :

    No parenting expert is right, no parent is perfect. I think you find your own path. It is depressing how other people parent. What to them seems fine from the outside seems really odd. I have friends who desperately wanted children only to have them and then seem to find the child an inconvenience, something that had to fit in with their life. Parenting and how other people parent will always surprise.

  2. Suzanne says :

    Amazing the wealth of advice and info which is bombarded at you the minute you’re pregnant with your first isn’t it? I have so many baby and parenting books, it’s unreal! I was quite taken with Gina Ford’s contented little baby book first time round but in effect, my daughter ended up finding her own path (not dissimilar to the one Gina recommended), without my intervention. I ended up getting my knickers in such a twist about her not doing what she was supposed to that I ditched the book for the second and third!

    • beeeeeinmybonnet says :

      Yep, completely overwhelming really! As long as we are being sensible then that is what is important but when I see massively overtired babies I do wonder whether some people should do a little more reading! X

    • beeeeeinmybonnet says :

      Suzanne, I would struggle to follow Gina – far too structured for me and the BabBee, although I know it works for some. Although I have no idea how someone would adapt it for multiple children when life gets a little crazier, no wonder you ditched it for 2 and 3!

  3. KristaOwl says :

    You’re so right – we need to start thinking more about what actually is best for our babies whether it’s convenient to us or not. It needs to work both for baby and parents to keep everyone happy I think, and your positive thinking must be brilliant for your baby. I don’t think it matters if you don’t co-sleep (or even of you didn’t boob feed, or baby wear or whatever) – it doesn’t work for everyone and I bet you have a really happy and content baby!

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